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Archive: June, 2012
  • LRH-2011-73-GUY

    Expiration date: 7/30/2012

    Summary: The proposed discharge of fill material into waters of the U.S. is associated with the proposed 17.22 acre Eagle No.1 Mine. The applicant is requesting authorization to discharge fill material into three jurisdictional stream channels (waters of the U.S.) in conjunction with the construction of a deep mine face-up, one temporary valley fill, and one in-stream sediment pond.

  • LRH-2009-541-BSR

    Expiration date: 7/26/2012

    Summary: The applicant has requested authorization to discharge fill material in waters of the U.S. in conjunction with the construction of an intermodal facility at Prichard, West Virginia. The proposed project is a component of the national Heartland Corridor Clearance project. The Heartland Corridor would provide double-stack clearance along railroad lines from Roanoke, Virginia to Columbus, Ohio.

  • LRH-2008-72-BCR

    Expiration date: 7/2/2012

    Summary: The applicant proposes the direct placement of fill material into a total of 1,721 linear feet of streams, and indirect (secondary) impacts to 1,141 feet of stream, in conjunction with the Stanley Fork Deep Mine project (approved under Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act - Permit No. U-5015-07). The project would involve mining coal from one seam by underground method.