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Archive: November, 2014
  • LRH 2013-1026-TUS

    Expiration date: 12/8/2014

    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:  The intent of this Public Notice is to provide an opportunity for the

  • LRH 1999-650

    Expiration date: 11/29/2014

    The applicant previously requested a modification and time extension for their existing Department of the Army (DA) Individual Permit 199900650, which authorized the discharge of fill material into waters of the United States (U.S.) in conjunction with the relocation and widening of approximately 37 miles of U.S. Route 35 to a four-lane highway

  • LRH 2014-052-SCR

    Expiration date: 12/9/2014

    The applicant proposes to discharge fill material into waters of the U.S. to realign the I-270/US-33 interchange and widen US-33 between the I-270/US-33 interchange and the US-33/Avery-Muirfield Drive interchange.

  • LRH 2014-406-SCR

    Expiration date: 12/9/2014

    The applicant has requested a DA permit authorization to discharge dredged and/or fill material into waters of the United States and in conjunction with the construction of a supermarket and fuel center (124,000 square foot) and an associated 529 space parking area.